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Welcome to Sugar Clay Cafe!

Happy Holidays! Check out this week's Pony Special!!

Welcome to Sugar Clay Cafe where everything is "Fresh out of the Oven!"

Here you will find wonderfully decorated sweets and treats made from clay that you can wear!

Our unique clay pieces have the free service option of scented or unscented.

We invite you to experience a bright, happy place and take with you a smile ^_^

Shipments go out every Monday and Thursday

Please Check our convention schedule, as we will not be able to mail out during those times.

Custom and International orders inquire via email

Thank you for visiting Sugar Clay Cafe! 

My Little Pony Christmas Special Promo-
My Little Pony Christmas Special Promo
$35.00 $25.00
Bunny Waffles-
Bunny Waffles
$6.00 - $11.00
Big Dreamy Cupcake Steam Punk Mint-
Big Dreamy Cupcake Steam Punk Mint
iphone 4/4s Deary Blue Belle-
iphone 4/4s Deary Blue Belle
Galaxy 4 Little Twin Stars Cookies-
Galaxy 4 Little Twin Stars Cookies
Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Set-
Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Set
Red Velvet Necklace & Earring Set-
Red Velvet Necklace & Earring Set
iphone 4/4s Mane 6 Case-
iphone 4/4s Mane 6 Case
iphone 4/4s DJ Pony Case-
iphone 4/4s DJ Pony Case
Sports Watch Derpy-
Sports Watch Derpy
Out of Stock
Pocket Watch Dr. Whooves-
Pocket Watch Dr. Whooves
Out of Stock
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Dj-PoN 3-
Pony Pillow 14 x 14 Dj-PoN 3
Pony Cutie Mark Sparkle Arm Bracers-
Pony Cutie Mark Sparkle Arm Bracers
Leather Handbag Fluttershy-
Leather Handbag Fluttershy
$34.00 $29.99
Leather Handbag Best Night Ever-
Leather Handbag Best Night Ever
$34.00 $29.99
Leather Handbag Pinkie Pie-
Leather Handbag Pinkie Pie
$34.00 $29.99
Leather Handbag Trixie-
Leather Handbag Trixie
$34.00 $29.99
Custom Phone & Smart Pad Case Models-
Custom Phone & Smart Pad Case Models
Sonic Rainboom Lighter
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