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Sweet Cookies

Dreamy Sweet Cookies have satin bows, characters and decorations from Japan on a shiny matching 24" ball chain! 


All pieces are one of a kind!!


Cookie Ducky Bubbles-
Cookie Ducky Bubbles
Cookie Bunny Sundae-
Cookie Bunny Sundae
Cookie Strawberry Choco-Bunny-
Cookie Strawberry Choco-Bunny
Cookie Cherry Bunny-
Cookie Cherry Bunny
Cookie Vanilla Pink Bunny-
Cookie Vanilla Pink Bunny
Cookie Lemon Piggy-
Cookie Lemon Piggy
Cookie Puppy Parade-
Cookie Puppy Parade
Cookie Frilly Ducky-
Cookie Frilly Ducky
Cookie Mint Choco-Puppy-
Cookie Mint Choco-Puppy
Cookie Strawberry Cream Puppy-
Cookie Strawberry Cream Puppy
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